A Wrinkle in (Story)Time

A Wrinkle in (Story)Time

About A Wrinkle in Time


A Wrinkle in Time is about the journey of three children to find a missing man, and perhaps help save the universe. Twelve-year-old Meg Murry is having problems at school. She is bored with schoolwork and doesn’t seem to fit in with the other kids. Meg has ten-year-old twin brothers, Sandy and Dennys, but she’s closest with her five-year-old brother, Charles Wallace. Meg’s father has been missing for some time, and she is worried about him. Some people think that Mr. Murry abandoned the family. But Meg and her mother believe that Mr. Murry is doing important government work and, for some unknown reason, can’t return to them. The children team up with three mysterious and magical women to travel through time and space to find and free Mr. Murry. Along the way, the children discover the Dark Thing, a great evil threatening the safety of the universe. They travel to a world called Camazotz a place controlled by the Dark Thing where free will doesn’t exist and everyone must act completely alike. The three women help guide the children through their quest to save Mr. Murry and through self discovery, teamwork, and love, each of the children grow to become better versions of themselves. After her father is saved, Meg must travel alone to rescue her brother from the dark planet Camazotz  with the support and guidance of everyone, and her love, she is successful. Once back on Earth, the witches part ways with the children and Mr. Murry to continue fighting the Dark Thing.

About A Wrinkle in (Story)Time

Experience A Wrinkle in Time in a fun, multisensory way!

This program is framed around thematic discussions of Hope Larson’s graphic novel adaptation of Madeleine L'Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time. Along each set of discussion questions, there are activities that encourage engagement with the novel.

These activities include looking at, touching, and getting inspired by works of art that are thematically and visually relevant to the story. Examples include touching 3D printed reproductions of artwork from the Art Institute of Chicago and creating your own tesseract. 

A Wrinkle in (Story)Time is like taking a field trip into the book, it encourages learning by looking, touching, speaking, writing, and making. 

Download the digital curriculum for thematic discussion questions, 3D scans of artwork that can be 3D printed, signs, posters, interpretive labels, a writing prompt, a game, and an art making activity.

Download the Digital Curriculum for A Wrinkle in (Story Time)!